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3 Rounds of:

:20 sec ON / :10 sec OFF

Jumping Jacks

Back Extensions (2 sec pause)

Bottom of Squat Hold

1 Push Up + 1 Sit Up


Tempo Front Squats @ 4111

3-4 @ 50-55%

3-4@ 50-65%

3-4@ 55-65%

3-4@ 65-70%

3-4 @ 65-70%

Tempo is the goal here today. If you are unable to sustained tempo, please lower the load

(20 min cap)


3 rounds each for max reps of:

Against a 3 min clock

Run 400 m

Max HSPU or Push Ups

Rest 3 min


The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We scale load and intensity; we do not change programs. You won’t have to lift weights beyond your level or perform movements beyond your skill set. We pride ourselves on working with people of all ability levels and making them better. Furthermore, our target population is not specific to age or gender, instead we are welcoming anyone who is willing to work hard and keep an open mind to CrossFit principles.

If interested please contact us at:
or call 661-703-7051

Team Challenge NOW OPEN!

Check it out Frenzy members…let’s do this!

Scaled Division is offered!

The CrossFit Team Series is less than a month away!

Workouts for the Team Series will be released on August 28, September 18 and October 9. After each release, teams will have four days to complete the workouts and submit their scores. Each team will be made up of two men and two women who complete the workouts together.

Unlike in the Open, teammates will not do the workouts individually and then combine their scores afterwards. Instead, when the clock starts, each of the four teammates will be required to perform their portion of the work alongside the others.

The four-person format will be a first for CrossFit competitions.

REGISTRATION: $100 for all divisions.